Member Insurance

All members are covered under an insurance policy which provides the club's registered members with:

  • accident insurance
  • general liability insurance
  • director and officer insurance

Accident Insurance

All club members registered with Flipside Gymnastics receive coverage for accidents occuring during classes, practice and competition. This includes participants, coaches, judges, facilitators and supporters. It also covers members traveling as a group (three or more) to classes, practice or competition.

Accident insurance only covers situations where an injury takes place because of an accident during the sanctioned gymnastic activity.

Flipside's accident insurance is secondary coverage only and does not provide primary accident insurance. It applies over and above coverage provided by government and private health insurance plans.

If a member does not have other primary accident insurance (ie. BC Medical Plan) then insurance policy coverage stated in this article does not apply.

Accident Policy Specifics

For each separate accident, the policy pays:

  • Dental: $5,000
  • Blanket accident reimbursement: $10,000
  • Principal sum benefit (permanent disability): $30,000
  • Accidental death: $15,000
  • Fracture indemnity: up to $500
  • Rehabilitation indemnity benefit: $3,000
  • Tuition fee reimbursement: $2,000
  • Emergency transportation: $50
  • Eyeglass and contact lens expense: $100
  • Accident medical expenses (does not include sickness): $10,000 (Canada only)

Limitations and Exclusions

No accident insurance benefit shall be payable for any loss resulting directly or indirectly, wholly or partially from any of the following causes:

  1. purchase, repair, or replacement of eyeglasses, contact lenses or prescriptions thereof (except as otherwise provided);
  2. sickness or disease either as a cause or effect;
  3. any intentionally self-inflicted injury;
  4. any benefits that are available under any Government Health Insurance Plan, whether enrolled in such a plan or not;dental and/or other expense benefits shall be for the excess of expenses payable under any other benefit plan or policy;
  5. an insured person who is not a resident of any Canadian province that has enacted Medical Care Legislation unless stated specifically in this policy.

General Liability Insurance

Flipside's general liability policy protects the club and its registered members from a lawsuit. This lawsuit may result from negligence for actual bodily injury to participants, spectators and other members of the public or to cover property damage arising out of sanctioned activities.

The general liability insurance provides coverage up to $5,000,000 for each occurrence. The policy will pay the legally obligated settlement or judgement against the insured for compensatory damages in the event of a lawsuit. This coverage also includes legal liability for injury to participants.

This policy covers all members of the club, including: executives, managers, coaches, trainers, officials, employees and volunteers who were acting within the scope of their duties on behalf of Flipside Gymnastics. 

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