Registration Policies

Annual Registration Fees (Sept 1st 2023 to Aug 31st 2024)

All Rules, Terms and Conditions hereinafter are to be recognized by each registration online and at office. 

Once per year an insurance and registration fee is required at all program levels.

You can choose from one of the following two registration fee options:

Casual - $25 per year

  • Drop in / Camps
  • Eight (10) visits allowed per year
  • Insurance Coverage





Annual - $60 per year

  • Make-up classes (3 max per session) $5.00 per each additional make up class within the session.
  • Seven (7) days withdraw notice (written via email to Flipside)
  • Unlimited Class changes
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Achievement Award Medallions
  • Online Progress Reports and Assessments


1. Annual Registration Fee and first month's Tuition are due a the time of registration. Registration Online or on location will require a method of payment provided for recurring monthly fees to successfully complete your registration.

2. Visa, MasterCard and are required for recurring payments plans (no contracts) from registration date through to the end of each session.

3. A single payment (cash or debit) for a given month will be accepted with a $15 surcharge to hold future class placement. Tuitions paid by cash or debit will only be accepted for prepayment of said fees. 

4. A $15.00 ‘Late Payment Fee’ will be assessed for all fees received later than 10 days after the 1st. of the month. Late fees are payable within 3 days once charged. 

5. Students for whom payment has not been received past 30 days will lose their class placement.


Late Starters:

Enrollment is continuous. Fees are pro-rated at the time of registration for those starting after the 1st of the month. 

Discount Incentives:

A 10% discount is given for a single payment that covers any 10 month period - All lump sum payments are non-refundable; however, a balance credit is given on account if student withdraws. Group rates are available for five or more. ( all group members must belong to the same organization.)

Make-up Classes:

Your child's classes are guaranteed for as long as he/she is 'Actively Registered' (current month fees paid) If fees are owed, make-up classes are disallowed. All make-up class attendees must have booked the make-up class online and have it confirmed with the administrator in our office. Make up classes can only be booked at least one day after the missed class and not before at a cost of $4.00 each. Missed classes are not refundable. A maximum of four (4) make-up classes will be allowed within one annual session (Sept to June) for each class enrolled in. These allowed make-up classes do not include closures due to Statutory Holidays or bad weather. No shows for any make-up class will result in the loss of class owed.

Reserving Class Placement:

Class placements that are reserved through registration must be paid for regardless of attendance. Please advise office of any status change immediately by email notice only. Phone notice of status change must be accompanied by an email of same information..


Track pants, Shorts, T-shirt and/or a bodysuit are all appropriate attire. Please avoid zippered or buttoned clothing and socks.

Withdraws, Arrears, Refunds & Credits:

When withdrawing from a class please provide a minimum of one weeks (7 days) WRITTEN notice via email prior to the 1st day of any given month. In the instance of pre-month end class cancellation, a credit on account is provided, unless written notice is given prior to the start of a regular calendar month. Prepaid annual registration fees are non-refundable.  Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to provide written notice. Birthday party booking cancellations within 2 weeks of party date are non-refundable. 50% credit is provided for Birthday Party booking cancellations 2 weeks prior to party date booked. 

Please note: Credits are only honored for accounts with positive balances and to be applied to a current "Active Registration". Those accounts in arrears during award week(s) must be paid in full to have awards for students received.

Class Cancellations, Instructor Substitution and Changes:

Flipside reserves the right to cancel or change class times; in either case, notification will be given and classes rescheduled. From time to time, class ratios may be affected by a coaches' illness - every effort is made to minimize this occurrence. Such events may also necessitate a temporary substitute instructor for your child's class.


Registration Polices are subject to change without notice.

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